Makabara VSA arts international Young Solists

21.04.2007 00:00

Makabara, 2007 VSA arts International Young Soloists

Makabara, vocal trio


Makabara, a trio of students from the Jan Deyl Conservatory in Prague, Czech Republic, was founded in 2004 by Marie Kozakova, an instructor at the school. Vocalists Marie Vostatková, Katerina Ulicná, and Barbora Janová, who have low vision, interpret traditional Czech music from original sources, Czech folk music, and compositions by contemporary Czech composers. Makabar, who sing both a cappella and with piano accompaniment, perform regularly at the Prague Municipal Library and elsewhere, including concerts in conjunction with the Olga Havlova Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities to people with disabilities. The trio’s most important performance to date has been a concert in the chapel of St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, sponsored by the Czech Cardinal Miloslav Vlk.